​Our Manpower Pool

•    Building, Construction and Maintenance
Carpenters, Masons, Plumbers, Painters, Electricians, Welders, Steel Workers, Steel men, Heavy Equipment Operators, Crane Operators and Drivers, Pipe fitters, Tile Setters, Bricklayers, Aluminum and Glass Fabricators, Asphalting Group, Aircon Technicians, Duct Fabricators, Insulator Installer, Etc.
•    Engineers and Architects
Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Communications, Industrial, Geodetic, Surveyors, Estimators, Project Supervisors, Interior Designers, Draftsmen, Landscape Architects, etc.
•    Accountants
•    Banking Professionals Office/Administrative
•    Staff Medical and Health Personnel
Doctors, Nurses, Medical Technologists, Midwives, Dentists, Therapists, Masseuse, Caregivers, Nursing Aids, etc.
•    Educators
Primary and Secondary School Teachers, SPED Teachers, Clinical Instructors, etc.
•    Information Technology
Software Developers, Engineering Design, Web Developers, Call Center Personnel, etc.
•    Hotel and Restaurant Staff
Attendants, Housekeepers, Receptionists, Reservations Officer, Guest Relations Personnel, Bellhops, Bakers, Chefs/Cook, Barista, Waiters, Waitresses, Casino Personnel, Golf Caddies, etc.
•    Manufacturing
Factory Workers, Machine Operators, Product Assemblers, Sewers, Furniture Makers, etc.
•    Household Services
Tutor/Nannies, Housemaids, Caretakers, Personal Drivers, etc.


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