Job Employment Services is a Philippine based Recruitment Company specializing in the placement of qualified professional and skilled workers to companies worldwide. We aim to uplift the quality of life of the people we deploy and that can only be achieved by matching them with the best opportunity providers who have the need of their services. Managed by Ms. Crystal Rose G. Tan, a Licensed Professional Teacher by Profession but an Entrepreneur by heart. She has decided to venture into the business of recruitment with the goal of creating opportunities and helping workers land jobs for their enrichment, improvement and sustainability.

Job Employment Services aims to recruit competent workers from the Philippines and send them to different countries all over the world. We will focus on deploying qualified workers including but not limited to Healthcare Professionals (Nurses, Medical Technologists, and Physical Therapists), Office Administrative and Management Staff, Accountants, Teachers /Educators, Banking Professionals, Engineers, and Construction Workers, Computer and IT Professionals, Hotel and Restaurant Personnel, and other Skilled Workers depending on the needs of the Clients/Foreign Principals. Our initial target areas of deployment are Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Taiwan, China and Canada. Target areas for other clients are the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and European Countries.